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Bone Marrow Nei Kung

Tan Tian Chi Kung

Wisdom Chi Kung

Cosmic Chi Kung

Chi Nei Tsang-Treatment



TAO Yin Soul-muscle Activation

The seminar is mainly about the psoas muscle. The whole body structure is improved.

The psoas muscle is also referred to as the muscle of the soul and is often shortened, thereby also the lumbar spine is compressed. With the exercises, the whole spine becomes more flexible and the lower back relaxed.

By practicing Tao Yin, the body becomes one.

Indian yoga similar supplementary exercise program.


Complementary to Tai Chi Form, and Tao Yoga Basic Course and ironshirt Chi Kung


Bone marrow Nei Kung

Exercises to strengthen the bone marrow and increase the immune system.

It is a set of different exercises.

Alertness and clarity can be increased, and also relaxed chronic tension.

In a set, a knocking massage of the joints and the Tan Tian takes place for detoxifying and purifying.


Tan Tian Chi Kung

In Tan Tian Chi Kung, we learn different exercises that strengthen the middle.

The movements are combined with the practice of sounds.

Through movements and vocal power, the ceentre is strengthened and the area of ​​our so-called

2nd brain. This is an area under and behind the navel..


The area of ​​Tan Tian is an important body center.



Wisdom Qi Gong:


Exercises that increase the inner knowledge and the wisdom.


These are exercises that are particularly suitable for balancing the hemispheres of the brain and improving mental fitness. This is important especially for people who have to meet high demands in their professional life.

Mental fitness and the ability to concentrate are needed in all everyday situations.


The brain is stimulated to form new synapses and brain functions are stimulated. The glands in the head, such as the pituitary gland, thalamus / hypothalamus and pineal gland, are also regenerated.


Joy, fun and positive motivation in the matter are also a significant contribution to increasing mental performance. Environmental influences can interfere with traces that are toxic in the body and distract the mind from the essential.

Through this inner practice, we increase our inner wisdom and intuition.


Quite essential is kidney energy and tantanum with kidney-fire exercise to stimulate synapse formation in the brain.

For clarity, the topic of self-awareness and self-expression is very important, here are exercises and important exercises.


At the end of each session, there is a set of eye exercises that can help prevent vision problems.


In individual lessons, individual topics such as work on the presence in the room,

Exercises that can reduce chronic sore throat and hoarseness.



on demand

Cosmic Chi Kung

healing hands


Chi Nei Tsang

effective organ- and intestine detox treatment massage




Universal Healing Tao Gesundheitssystem

Petra ist  multi-zertifizierte Lehrerin 

Tao Yoga-Frauen spezial 

TAI CHI Basics

Tai Chi Chi Kung

Basic Potential Workshop

M ü n c h e n


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