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SHEN Meditation

taoist YIN Meditation

Inner Peace is the greatest gift life can give to humans.

SHEN Med is a practice in which the mind is freed from unnecessary thoughts and a mental balance is established. Our consciousness is clogged with evil ideas, tensions, karmic issues, and many unfulfilled desires. As long as we have unnecessary fears and inhibitions within us, we can not relax. When you cleanse the physical body,. you have to drink a lot of salt water and go to the toilet several times. That makes you very tired, but afterwards you feel much better. Similarly, in the beginning mental training will make you tired in the beginning, because there is a huge mountain of thoughts in front of you, but eventually, when you can empty yourself from the thoughts, you will find a deeper inner contentment.

Everyone has superfluous thoughts and fears, man or woman, everyone has many problems, we all have no pure consciousness. Can you say that you have no toxins in the body and no disturbing thoughts and feelings? When you say that, you do not speak the truth. Wishes and thoughts are natural. A normal person without wishes and thoughts is certainly sick somehow. You may know your conscious thoughts, but the subconscious and the unconscious are as deep as the sea. You can see the waves on the surface, but the animals, the scorpions, the snakes or the precious pearls in the depth are hidden from you. So you can not see your weaknesses and inhibitions, which are deep in the subconscious. You can not recognize your deep-seated patterns accumulated by your family, society or religion since infinite times. But there is a way in which you can become aware of it and observe everything that is in the subconscious and unconscious. If your consciousness should settle down, you must first get to know it.

Through SHEN Meditation, the inner silence, we become acquainted with our consciousness, the source of our thoughts and feelings. As you do this exercise, the suppressed things come to the surface.

Depending on the quality of your themes, you will see unimportant or unimaginative thoughts, terrible ghosts or beautiful landscapes. When bad thoughts or horrible pictures appear, you may become nervous because you never experience or see these things during your normal life. Especially at the moment when you want to meditate or pray, these thoughts plunge you as a real plague. Why?


As you meditate, you forget the outer world, you draw your senses inward, and there you encounter all the countless Samskaras in all sorts of forms. They are the cause of all mental and physical illnesses. When the practitioner looks at these irrelevant and boring thoughts, he despairs and stops practicing. He believes that this way is not right for him. But he should not give up, because this mental cleansing is absolutely necessary.

When you enter a room after a long time, you will notice that everything is dirty and dusty, the floor, the walls, everything is covered with dust. If you want to clean the room, you have to clear everything first; and while you are fishing, the dust will come up really well. Would you stop sweeping because of this, the room would never be clean. Likewise, you can not cleanse your mind unless you remove the grime of tension and inhibitions and anger through meditation.

You should watch your mind as an unknowable witness (acknowledge) without identifying with them. In the beginning, it is not necessary for you to concentrate on one point. But you should persevere in your spiritual exercises with the utmost attention.

Very often practitioners suppress their negative thoughts during meditation practice. That is not right. If you suppress these thoughts, they will again go into the depths of the subconscious, where they will hide but continue to rage. These subconscious impressions cause introversion. They are so strong that they can mess up and destroy your whole life. If you have no digestion for many days, the whole system becomes weak and susceptible to many diseases. Likewise, if you do not let your tensions out, they will cause you many mental problems.

SHEN-Meditation or VIPASSANA meditation is available in several steps.

Cultivate mindfulness while sitting, standing and walking.

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