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TAO Yoga


Qi Gong Basic Course - awaken the healing power


Activate your natural self-healing powers.


You learn:


  • The inner smile (organ, digestive line, spine and brain,
  • centering

the organs work better, there is a positive change in all areas of life new advanced form


  • The 6 healing sounds, inner organ smile.


doing the inner smile you learn to smile to all organs, make them work better and have a better and more positive attitude to your inner being and yourself.


Detoxifying and energizing the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen (stomach, abdominal gland) and the triple heater


  • Microcosmic Orbit, energy cycle
  • activate the main energy centers of the body


Introduction: iron shirt qigong, spinal breathing, kidney breathing



Negative emotions such as fear, anger, depression are transformed into life force and transformed. A more positive emotionality is developed.

With the basic exercises we calm the nervous system, strengthen the organs and increase the life force, all areas of life are positively influenced and the ability to concentrate is improved.


 The exercise system can help people in all ways to deepen their practice and health. It supports people in self-realization.


The point is that natural body processes that have been lost through stress and environmental influences are restored as the basis for a healthy body and a meaningful life.



  • spinal cord breathing
  • kidney breath chi selfmassage
  • turning wheel excersise for abdoman and intenstine

second brain (the brain in the gut)




Advanced courses:


Tao Yoga Iron Shirt Chi Kung


Tao Yoga Fusion I-III




Tao Yoga Tai Chi Chi Kung


Tao Yoga, the female way to inner strength



Private lessons also possible in


Hui Chung Gong 16 figures for youthful freshness


Chen style Taijiquan 36-movements



Company events:-workshops- ongoing classes

Basic seminars (adventure health) are better

there is a positive change in all areas of life new advanced form


Universal Healing Tao Gesundheitssystem

Petra ist  multi-zertifizierte Lehrerin 

Tao Yoga-Frauen spezial 

TAI CHI Basics

Tai Chi Chi Kung

Basic Potential Workshop

M ü n c h e n


Workshops im deutschsprachigen Raum


T 0176-92144959

Seminaradressen in München

  • Amalienstraße 45
  • Hilton Tucher Park
  • Ärztehaus Martinsried

je nach Verfügbarkeit und Gruppengröße

Seminarort in anderen Städten variiert

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