Tao Yoga-womans way to inner strength

Tao Yoga-female qi gong

the female path  to inner strength and self-healing power

Inner Beauty and outer radiance, wise womans practise to increase sexual attraction and rejuvenation. Hormons and glands renewal.

Self-Healing-sexuality-female power

INNER SMILE & soulpower, Ovarian breathing, Orbit energy power,

Enjoy the mindful circle of women to activate the natural self-healing powers and find a completely new foundation and life feeling.

The methods taught in the seminar help the woman improve her life in all areas.

Menstrual cramps disappear, menopausal symptoms are reduced or do not even occur, organs in the pelvic floor are strengthened, negative emotions are transformed into vitality. The hormons are balanced.

A way to more fulfillment and cultivation of sexual energy. Powerful practice to have hormonal balance. Woman of all ages can benefit from this important practice.

The chest-massage is a powerful cancer prevention.


The sacred jade-egg practise to strengthen the muscles in the lower abdomen is explained and practiced together.

Through regular practice, the pelvic floor is trained, strengthened and the sensitivity increased.

The glands in the lower abdoman and the whole body are  activated softly. We also practise the breast massage an important prevention to cancer.

The longvity depends on the state of all glands. We activate the glands of the lower abdoman and the whole Body and so also increase our brain power.

It'll be as well a powerful anti-aging program.

It is a path of self-love, personal discovery and transformation for women.