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Healing love for singles & couples


The way to the everlasting love & soul power

The sexual energy is a very powerful force enabling to transform your life fundamentally.


This ancient practice, which has been handed down for over 5,000 years, can help couples to deepen their harmony.


Men lose energy through ejaculation, women through menstruation and the birth of children.


You will also be instructed to implement what you have learned with your partner.


The course will teach a deeper practice in the practice of cultivating sexual energy.


It is a way to self-cultivation. The araousal energy is being brought to the higher centres of the brain and so transformed into lifeforce energy that nourishes our brain and body.


In addition, the practice also serves to strengthen the organs and glands, the pelvic floor and the whole body.


Also, an internal healing process of organs and glands is set in motion, by mixing the sexual energy and the energy of the heart and the love energy we have more inner strength and sensitivity and also learn to activate the higher centers.


People are gradually experiencing profound change, living a fuller, healthier and happier life and deepening their relationships, love life and partnership.


Incidentally, the immune system is also strengthened.




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