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Tai Chi Chi Kung- Inner structure of Tai Chi

 -awareness in motion-

The short form with 13 movements of the Yang style is a formerly secret form of combat. The main movements of the Yang style Tai Chi are integrated. We train both halves of the body, left and right.

The form is practiced in all directions. It's having consciousness in all body movements and increase body mechanics and coordination..... . We learn to awaken the orbit in our Body while doing the form. We strengthen bones and fascias.

The exercises from the basic course and the iron shirt Qi Gong are integrated.

It is a practice suitable for beginners but also complementary to advanced Tai Chi practitioners. Also practicing other styles like Chen Tai Chi, Wu Style, Beijing Tai Chi u. a. can benefit.

Alivia achieved master degrees in several tai chi systems like Chen and Wudang Zhao Bao Tai Chi.

Integrated energy work

Internal connection of the spine

The movements are performed in all directions and  with the right and then the left half of the body.

It is also about being centered in movement.




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Specialization: Course 2-7

Wanna do the best for health and life than Combine the Tai Chi Chi Kung with the tao Yoga Basic and Ironshirt Chi Kung.

In 5 days tai chi classes Petra integrates the Tao Yin "soal muscle" activation training to achieve long terme health.


Tao Yin is an important base and supplement for Tao Basics, Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Tai Chi.

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Universal Healing Tao Gesundheitssystem

Petra ist  multi-zertifizierte Lehrerin 

Tao Yoga-Frauen spezial 

TAI CHI Basics

Tai Chi Chi Kung

Basic Potential Workshop

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Workshops im deutschsprachigen Raum


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