Who am I?


  • PETRA HUBER                                   

  • The vehicles taught since 2000  enriched lives of many people for many years, as a certified UHT instructor, Wellness & Health coach, yoga therapist, facilitator and meditation teacher.
  • In addition to her work as a Trainer and speaker, she works in health management and as a management consultant and enables students to improve there lives by sharing her tools to go a path to fundamental health in her workshops and classes.

  • Petra has been connected to the TAO at the age of 16. A relative doing Yang Tai Chi gave to my mom a book called Tao te KING.  That time I was 15 years old. I also got a book about the famous I GING system.
  • Her major teachers besides Mantak Chia were in Tai Chi, Cheng Man'Ching tradition Ben Lo in San Fransisco, Chen Tai Chi with Chen Boxian and closed door student of Chen Quanzhong in Xi'an, the city of the rerracotta warrioirs. She spend several years in China training.
  • Martial arts different styles wu shu. She also had the opportunity to learn the essence of Cheng Wu Chings long year search in Wudang Zhao Bao.

Since 2000 she is a teacher and teaches especially in Munich and  in other beautiful places in the world.

She developed the Quantum QMR-Method, a leadership training for high potentials. 

  • It is a scientifically proven system that allows the human being a holistic development and recommended by doctors and health specialists.


    • She's also very experienced teaching mindfulbased meditation-technics: she mastered different paths of Meditation
    • and Hui Chun Gong.


    • In addition to the inner arts, Petra also trained martial arts such as Kung Fu and Ving Tsung, IP Chung, Hongkong,  in several traditions and schools, Aikido and Nin Jiutsu. 


    • She was graduaded from LMU in Munich and has 2 exams.

    Business experience in the field of IT Marketing and buyer and CEO in optical technics and logistics companies.

    In the field of law she had her focus in the field of business law and intellectual property, copyright and film law, she is also very interested in legal philosophy and legal psychology.


    • She was taught in jazzsinging and holistic breath and voice work for singers, actors and coaches. SHE is a singer. 


    • The physical and / or anatomical bases and holistic methods of the anatomie of the voice  or anatomy of speech can be found in the

    Iron shirt Chi Kung or Tan Tian Chi Kung.


       She is a trained coach, and is offering short time therapie and mentoring, as well as introductions to the taoist practise to heal oneself and others.

      Further trainings: Milton Erickson, Stan Grof method.



      Universal Healing Tao Gesundheitssystem

      Petra ist  multi-zertifizierte Lehrerin 

      Tao Yoga-Frauen spezial 

      TAI CHI Basics

      Tai Chi Chi Kung

      Basic Potential Workshop

      M ü n c h e n

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