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Iron shirt Qi Gong

The once-secret exercises from kung fu to obtain an invulnerable body that were secretly practiced by masters before battles before the development of gunpowder. The exercises have a tremendous effect on the immune system and stability.

The exercises come from the ShaolinKung Fu and are reduced in the course to the essential elements that are used for health and growth. Practice is an important foundation for attaining higher levels.

The practise is good for all, it can deepen and improve your practise in tai chi and all martial arts.

The practise enhances inner stability, clarity and security.

Iron Shirt Breath and Chi Belt

  • Equestrian
  • Embracing the tree


  • The Golden Urn Yin position
  • The Golden Urn Yang position


  • turtle
  • water buffalo


  • Iron bridge
  • Counterpose 
  • The golden phoenix washes its feathers


  • Iron Bar

Iron shirt breathing diaphragmatic reversed breathing

as a basis for energizing the organs and glands

They are of great benefit to everyone. In addition to the main energy meridians, the muscle tendon meridians are also activated. The course creates more inner security.

Especially the kidneys, in which fears and stress are stored, are strengthened and the whole body strengthened. The mind becomes clearer.

The exercises serve to root.

Regular practice deepens the inner security and stability, kidney chills in the back and tensions can gradually solve. The body and back will recover from toxic waste and stress. An important addition to the iron shirt practice is the learning of tai chi ...

Prerequisite: Tao Yoga Basic Course

Why iron shirt Chi Kung:

FASCIENCE - MORE THAN A PASSIVE BINDING WEAVE Anyone who has ever cooked  meat knows it: fascia, among other things, surrounds the muscles and organs as fine but tough, milky-white skins. However, they also include all other fibrous connective tissue structures such as joint capsules, tendons and ligaments. Together, they form a network of tension that surrounds all organs and muscles and connects them with each other, but also with skeletons and joints. How important fascia is has long been overlooked.

FASCIENTS SUPPORT MOVEMENT PROCEDURES For example, fascia plays a central role in all movement sequences. Their resilience strengthens muscle power like built-in springs. During rest breaks relieve the muscles, allow in the first place an upright, but relaxed posture. Thanks to their interconnectedness as well as their skeletons and muscles, they also play a central role in body awareness - but how?

FASCIENTS AS SENSORS The information required for this is communicated via receptors and nerve cells, with which the fasciae are richly endowed. On the other hand, fascia transmits signals to the body and, on the other hand, it receives which of them - above all via the autonomic nervous system and special messengers. However, this can also have painful consequences ....


Tao Yoga for vitality and joy

Tao Basics

further recommendation

  • Tai Chi 13 movement form
  • Healing Love

Universal Healing Tao Gesundheitssystem

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TAI CHI Basics

Tai Chi Chi Kung

Basic Potential Workshop

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