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Do you sometimes wish that life should be more ready for you? On this website you will find advice and strategies to achieve this "MORE" in all walks of life. In my workshops I also help you to live your life self-determined, motivated and active.

Do you wish for a life with more togetherness and self-determination?

The entry into the coaching is the


Potential workshop (about 4.5 hours)

Where are you know? Where or waht do yo want to be?




CreaNOW find your potential LIFE RESSOURCES

Vision Workshop-find your potential

Group-Coaching Event-live your potential

The Potential Workshop is an inspiring group process that brings together people from different backgrounds.

Special program: "Find your soulmate" / "Love and Partnership"





Group and individual

Health & Life coaching


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What is a Group-Coaching Event?

rebuild your life, connect yourself.


The Group-Coaching Event wants to bring together people who want to live a life of happiness, contentment and self-determination.

People have a common overall view and interact playfully.

It'is a process that brings together the most diverse potentials of people, for example To achieve the goals of the individual faster and better with others or to realize dreams together.

This "knowledge network" is created as part of potential workshop, in which every participant has his / her own

own potential in a 4.5 hour workshop in a playful way. The workshop is livened up by physical exercises.


Everyone should live their potential. The mixing of the Internet with the personal, social component of the potential check results in data from unimagined depth and a wealth of networking opportunities.

We have the experience that a deep self-discovery process occurs in which people learn more about themselves, they take stock to find inner peace and by NOW have a new life of unimagined depth and fulfillment to create.


By networking the revealed Potential can be found people who can help you further or can be through the new "knowledge" realize things that were previously unthinkable. Thereby

we encourage our and other projects that make this planet more beautiful, cleaner, fairer and more transparent.


Create World Peace by inner peace, only when you change yourself can the world around you change.

Start with it and start NOW:

Choose to take control of your life now and visit Petra's health and personal development programs to help you.


Petra will support you in your development with her additional tools from consciousness work and NLP.



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Basic Potential Workshop

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Workshops im deutschsprachigen Raum

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Seminaradressen in München

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  • Ärztehaus Martinsried

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